Explore Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania

Every day, thousands of people pass within a few kilometers of Mkomazi on one of Tanzania’s busiest highways. These and the northern circuit safari – goers are now most welcomed to discover the treasures of this wedge of hilly semi-arid savannah – home of large herds of giraffe, eland, hartebeest, zebra, buffalo and elephant.

Mkomazi National Park is a vital refuge for two highly endangered species, the charismatic black rhino and the sociable African wild dog, both of which were successfully reintroduced in the 1990s. Nomadic by nature, wild dog might be seen almost anywhere in the park, however the black rhino are restricted to a fenced sanctuary, ensuring their safe keeping for the enjoyment and prosperity of future generations.

The name Mkomazi is the combination of two words, ‘Mko and Mazi’. Mko “means” a traditional tiny wooden spoon used by the Pare people for eating, and Mazi “means” water. The Park is known best for its black rhinos but is also home to oryx, dik-dik, eland, and many birds and butterflies.

Getting There: Mkomazi National Park

By road, Mkomazi is easily accessible via Same, which lies on the surfaced highway connecting Arusha to Dar es Salaam. The Park is also easily accessible on special arrangement through Njiro, Kivingo and Umba gates. The park can also be easily accessed from the nearby existing tourist attractions in Eastern Arc Mountains, The Coast and Kilimanjaro Mountain. Charter flights are available to Kisima airstrip.

What to do in Mkomazi National Park

Mkomanzi National Park offers many activities to the safari tourists.

  • Wildlife Safari

  • Natural walk and bird watching Safari

  • Mountain Biking, Trekking at Mbula(uphill) trail

  • Photographic Safari, Camping Safari, Outdoor dining, picnic spots


There is one semi – permanent tented camp near the Park headquarters. Few designated basic campsites where one must bring his/her own camping gears and food. There are several small hotels and guest houses in Same town.