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Safari isn’t just cruising around on the back of a 4×4 spotting game. Whether by foot, by sea, by bus, or by boat—safari is the Swahili word for journey. In Tanzania, there are so many extraordinary ways to experience Safari, your journey.

At the SERENGETI SMILE - One of the Best Tanzania safari companies, we want to make your safari experience as affordable and as smooth as possible, while helping you enjoy some of the more unique experiences Tanzania has to offer.

SERENGETI SMILE is offering a variety of private Tanzania safari tours, Tanzania Wildlife Safaris, Beach Holidays and Cultural Tours that suit all tastes, from Basic, Mid-range and Luxury Packages. Trekking on Kilimanjaro through various Trekking routes:- Marangu route, Machame route, Lemosho route, Umbwe route, and Rongai.

SERENGETI SMILE will walk with you through a path you have never walked before with the most affordable African Safari packages because we are one of the best tour companies in tanzania. Game viewing adventures in Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire Park, Lake Manyara Park, Serengeti plain for the Great Wildebeest Migration, Mara River Wildebeest migration crossings, Zanzibar Island for luxury beach holidays, and other top Tanzania safaris destinations.

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Tanzania is waiting to proudly show you the best it has to offer.

There are many amazing places in the world, but TANZANIA will continuously be something exceptional. It really pristine and is less unspoiled, remarkable and exclusive wilderness you can imagine.

Travel in style! Explore Africa Through memorable and superb Safari times, Enjoy secure travel and a wonderful informative experienced passionate guide who make a difference between normal Safari and a real lifetime adventure. Our aim is to provide private Safari trip at a very competitive PRICE on the market without compromising quality. We tailor-made Private Tanzania Safari Tours itinerary to suit any budget and turn it to life.


Start with a recommended trip, choose your lodges and length of stay to make it your own. Our experts will then help you refine your trip, and take care of all the details.

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